About Me

Hi! I am Jack! I am 11 years old and about to turn 12 in November. I am very athletic and love to play sports. I play ports like baseball, basketball, and football. And I’m also really good at mini golf (If that’s even a sport). I have 5 people in my family: Me, my brother Patrick, my other brother Aiden, my mom, and my dad . My brother Patrick is 13,  and my brother Aiden is 9. They are really fun and cool to be with. My mom and my dad are very helpful and very fun. In my free time I like to play on my phone or go outside and play basketball in my front yard, usually with my friends or my brothers. Now for some of my favorite things! My favorite color is blue, my favorite food is ice cream, my favorite animal is a Tiger, and my favorite soda drink is Sprite. I hope you have a great time with my blog! 🙂

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