Social Media and Extra Curricular Activities

Yes, I agree with what you say on social media should be means for getting kicked out of extra curricular activities. One reason that I agree with this statement is becuase if someone on your team or club posts something mean about you, and if everyone but you knows, then your team isn’t going to be good because you can trust each other so there’s no point in being on that team. Just like the teacher in Brooklyn, how she said “I hate their guts!” and how “They are the devils spawn!” about her students. The students didn’t know about this until a hearing officer say it and fired her. Thats another reason why I agree with this. My final reason why I agree with this statement is because people can also send private or personal posts. This is bad because so many people could spread it and you wouldn’t know at all. And playing or meeting with the people in your team or group wouldn’t like to play with you so that makes you stop playing or no longer in the group. I agreed with this statement for many reasons.


My Trip To Colorado

This year for Christmas, I am going to Colorado to go see my grandparents. I went to Colorado a couple of years ago after I had Christmas at my house. I had a great time there and it was even better because my cousins were there too. It was so cold there, but good thing I like the cold more than being in the hot sun all day.


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One thing that was really cool that I did the last time I went and hope to do again, is snowboard. I went snowboarding last time and it was amazing. I liked it because riding down the big hill with all the snow flying in the air was so cool. This year I am planning to only do a little bit of lessons and do freestyle. One thing that I didn’t like as much was when me and my brother were going back up the mountain on the ski lift, and it got stuck at the highest point. I was scared but It was also pretty cool.

Last year another thing that was really cool that I liked was having my cousins, my nana, my grandpa, and my family there. Now this year, my cousins won’t be there which is a bummer, but my nana and my grandpa and my family will all be there. I like them being there because my nana plans so many fun trips to do while were there for a short time. I don’t get to see them much because they live so far away. My grandpa is always so funny and is a really great cook. I’m glad that they will be there because they are awesome. Let me end on a question: Where are you going to celebrate Christmas?



My Awesome Project!

In the beginning of this project we were all mad because we couldn’t decide what to do then when we finally decided, we all were nice to each other again. Our greatest accomplishment was when we emailed our mentor and he replied back. He said that he was very happy to help us with our project. We also are still deciding of who will be in it.

Our goals for this month is to find and set a date for our project. We will achieve these goals by getting different info about open complexes. We will also will achieve this by contacting different people to help us get info about our project and available dates.

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My Favorite Holidays

There are many different holidays throughout the year, but today I will be telling you about my three favorite holidays.

My first favorite holiday is Christmas. It is my favorite holiday because you get a lot of presents. And you can get the things you asked for. Another reason I like Christmas the best is because you also get to spend time with your family. You can also use all the things you get for Christmas to have fun with your friends and family. One final reason why I like Christmas is because of all the excitement when you get out of bed and you see all those presents under the glowing tree.

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My second favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I like Thanksgiving because of the huge feast that you get to have. I usually go to my cousins or grandparent house and have dinner with my whole family. I also like it because I get to hangout and have fun with my cousins, aunt, uncles, and grandparents. And finally I like Thanksgiving  because it is very close to my birthday and usually we celebrate my birthday while we are there with all my family.

My third favorite holiday is Independence Day. I like this day because of the fireworks. I like to see all of the colors and the loud booming sound. I also like it because I usually go to my grandparents and there lake where we go out on the boat and eat snacks and watch the fireworks.

My Awesome 20% Project

For my project I am hosting a tournament soccer game for a hospital.

I feel excited about my project because I am really planning on doing the game. I also think this project is interesting because everybody is doing a different thing that they like for their project. And finally I think that my project will be a good lesson. because even if it doesn’t succeed, I will still learn something.

Our goals for this month is to find the place that we will be holding the tournament. We will achieve this goal by emailing different sports complexes for open soccer fields. We hope to host the tournament around the end of March.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

If I Could Improve My School…

If I could improve my school, I would improve a lot of things. This is my first year here, so I don’t know much about the school and the program. I only know a few things, but one thing that I would change at my school would be the bathrooms. The bathrooms at my school are disgusting. And when I say disgusting, I mean it. I don’t even go to the bathroom much, but when I do, I regret it. I would fix this problem by cleaning the bathrooms every day and not make the toilets so close to the ground. Ew.

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Another thing that I would improve is the lessons. Have you ever went to math class, did the lesson and got a worksheet for homework? Boring, right? Yeah, well that’s is the problem I think there is. Kids are just learning information the old, boring way, and they are just forgetting everything. I think a way to change it is making class more fun and interactive. Maybe doing something like games or math bingo, but learning at the same time.

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The World Series (My Favorite Time of the Year)

One thing that is coming up is the World Series. The World Series is a series of seven games played by the best two baseball teams. Before the World Series is the regular season, which is just teams from all over playing other teams. The team that gets four wins first wins and become national champions.

Little Man, Big PowerCMy23 via Compfight     The teams this year that are in the World Series are the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros. The team that I want to win is the Dodgers. I want them to win because I am a big fan of their closing pitcher, Clayton Kershaw, and after the Dodgers played their first couple of games, I bet my dad ten dollars that the Dodgers would win the World Series. I hope I win the bet!

If you are into baseball just like me, then I recommend keeping up with all the latest stuff happening. These are two really good information sites with scores, stats, and players.

Rushing Water

Activity 3


The two boys were trapped in the rushing river. They waned to find a way to get out of the water, but couldn’t decide how. One wanted to grab a tree branch and pull themselves out, but the other boy didn’t agree and thought the branch would break. The other boy had an idea to find a rock and grab, but the other boy thought he would slip. The boys noticed there was a waterfall at the end! They would get closer every second. They had no escape plan they could agree on…

I want you guys to finish the ending! Comment below what you think!

Activity 4

My story with pictures:

Image       Image             Image             Image           Image

Giving Credit

Activity 1: 

When I researched about giving credit to people in pictures and videos, I learned a lot. I learned one important thing. That is that every time you don’t give credit to the person you got the picture of video from, you could get in BIG trouble for it. When I saw that I was surprised because I thought it was just one little picture, but I was very wrong. The info that I found was very useful and I learned very much from it. I hope that you learn from what I said too.

Activity 2:

Image result for halloweenPicture





Spooky and scary vibes.

Children have their costumes on.

Hoping to get full size candy bars.

All the parents giving candy out.


People voting on the best decorations.

The night was very spooky but much enjoyment in people.

It was a fine Halloween.

Except for everyone’s feet hurting at the end.

My Awesome Avatar!

I made my avatar from Face your Manga. I created my avatar to make it look just like me. I have mine holding a basketball because I like to play basketball. My avatar also has brown messy hair because I have brown and messy hair. If you want to make an avatar to  look like you, I think you should try this website.